Saturday, August 16, 2014

2014 Vacation Series #4: Garner, NC

Well, we're finally in Garner, the second half of our trip. We came to see my Uncle Dickie, his wife Aunt Julye, their three adult children Ricky, Dezmona, and Nathalie, their spouses, and Dezmona's 3 children.

The view from Uncle Dicke and Aunt Julye's house. Gorgeous, right?

Upon arriving, I was kidnapped by my cousin Dezmona's precocious 5 year old daughter, Julye-Simone, whom we all call Simone. We talked about Frozen (LOVE that movie), games she liked to play, and life with her two older brothers John Cameron and David. There were moments when she appeared wise beyond her years, and in her I saw the little sister I had always wished I could have had as a child.

Who couldn't fall for this face??? :)

"But Jackie, what about your fitness goals?" you're probably asking. Lucky for me, there's a gym here in the hotel. Good thing too, because it's quiet, and SUPER dark here in the evenings. Not the safest place to run outside. I'm not in love with the treadmill, but I use it when I need to, and it's how I started running, so it's not the end of the world. Hopefully I'll burn off some of the peach cobbler and red wine I drank over at the house, because I am a wee bit over my calorie limit. Don't worry, I'm still staying on track! Enjoying myself but in moderation. Very curious to see what the scale will say when I get back to New York. I certainly have more energy than I normally do on vacation, and I feel great so far.

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